The 2022 Gardens


Stirling in the Adelaide hills is known for its vast historical estate gardens  and the 2022 Hidden Gardens are waiting to overwhelm you with their magnificent and ancient trees, lush lawns, dramatic foliage, amazing varieties of rare plants and magical dry stonewalled pathways that lead to stunning garden views.

Some of these sprawling gardens will give you a glimpse of the lifestyle of privileged former owners who tried to outdo their neighbours with exotic plants brought from far-off countries. These camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas and magnificent magnolias are now the plants synonymous with the beautiful Stirling and Adelaide hills area.

This year we are also featuring a near-new garden, showcasing innovative ideas for contemporary landscaping by shaping and training plants using topiary –  a practice that dates back millennia.

If you want to see these very special gardens, book early to avoid disappointed as ticket numbers limited.

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